Dutch masters of steel since 1667
Dutch Masters of Steel since 1667

Project manager Ivo tells his story

Published: April 12, 2022 | Author: Ivo Tijssen

From engineer to project manager, Ivo tells his story

After studying mechanical engineering, I started my career in the oil and gas industry. After 13 years, I decided to make the switch to the steel door and window industry at MHB. At MHB you have control over your own growth and you determine the next step. To give you a better picture of this, I am sharing my experience in which I developed myself from engineer to project manager.

My challenge started 5 years ago at MHB. With my mechanical engineering background, I was able to start at MHB as an engineer. In my first year and a half as an engineer, I was able to learn everything about MHB’s working methods, construction methods and specialties. What appealed to me in the job was the good mix of theory and practice. Despite the fact that as an engineer you have an office job, you are very close to the product because of the factory at MHB and the visits to the construction site. After I, as an engineer, was able to familiarize myself with MHB’s working methods, I was able to advance to project manager. Under the guidance of an experienced project manager I became responsible for my first projects. Besides the internal supervision, I followed additional courses to be able to grow into the role of project manager as best as possible. The product knowledge that you acquire as an engineer is very important because it ensures that you can function optimally as a project manager within MHB.

Head project leader visiting cooltower

What makes my work as a project manager a nice challenge is the diversity of projects. MHB’s products are leading in the global steel façade market, which means you get to visit special locations and work on unique projects. The projects I have worked on are very diverse and range from temporary housing of the Dutch Parliament to the highest wooden residential tower in Europe, HAUT. But also hospitals such as the Radboud UMC and the training complex of PSV. I am responsible for the entire process in the implementation phase of the project in which I really enjoy working with multidisciplinary teams. In my work I am involved in the engineering process, the manufacturing process and am an assembly supervisor. I am also responsible for the planning of the project and the financial aspect. I have been working at MHB as a project manager for over three years now. Project manager is a dynamic and responsible position, where I can use all my professional knowledge. And the great thing about it is, you learn something new every day!


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Ivo Tijssen Project manager

Ivo has been a project manager at MHB for over 3 years, a dynamic and responsible position, where he can use all his professional knowledge.


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