Dutch masters of steel since 1667
Dutch Masters of Steel since 1667

MHB exceptional packaging, how does it work?

Published: March 30, 2023 | Author: Herman van Meel


A beautiful sight at MHB, the wooden transport packaging. After an intensive training and reorganization part of the workshop, we at MHB build durable wooden transport packaging ourselves. In addition to expertise in steel, we are now also experts in transport packaging for our steel frames and glass. When it comes to packing and transporting our goods, it is important that this is done safely and that the quality of our goods remains guaranteed.

Our steel frames, glass, and accessories are shipped overseas, which takes several weeks before they arrive on site to be installed. At MHB, we want to ensure that when everything is on site, our customers do not experience delays due to missing or damaged goods. Therefore, we have chosen to minimize our reliance on external parties and check and package our goods in-house.

The wooden crates used for transport are assembled by our team so that we know they are built according to our quality standards. Our custom-made frames are packed in protective foam – up to a thickness of 1 inch – designed to withstand shocks from the oceans and vibrations from roads.

Glascontrole - bewerkt - HDR1-s

Every single windowpane is individually inspected on an industry-spec light box. We are talking about a box of 15 x 12 feet with special lighting. Once the pane passes the inspection, photos of it are taken before it is loaded vertically into a wooden crate. If it does not pass the inspection – think of small scratches, dots, dents, or other imperfections – we order a replacement product and provide solutions and options our customers can decide on. In other words, we know that every single windowpane that goes to its final destination has passed our strict quality control.

Each load is photographed before we close the lid of the wooden crate. Upon request from the customer, we can share these photos so that they can be sure we are keeping our promises. In addition to photos, we place Tip ‘n Tell and Drop ‘n Tell impact indicators inside and outside the wooden crates, as a crate can weigh up to 6000 lbs. Any incidents or accidents between departure and arrival at the customer’s site are registered by these simple but very effective indicators.

Houten kist - bewerkt - HDR1-s

Once we have completed our checklists and double checks, the crates are loaded into containers, which we seal, picked up by our logistics partner and transported to the port of Rotterdam. From that moment on, we follow the ship and share the progress with our customers on a weekly basis.


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Herman has been working at MHB for over 43 years and is an expert when it comes to assembling and exporting our windows and doors.


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