Dutch masters of steel since 1667
Dutch Masters of Steel since 1667

The art of welding

Published: March 4, 2024 | Author: Petrus Papilaja

Craftsmanship, endless design possibilities, and unparalleled precision

At a time when machines can deliver work at unprecedented speed, manual welding stands out as an art form. It requires not only technical skills, but also in-depth knowledge of materials, temperatures, and the art of sensing the perfect weld. It is the welder’s craftsmanship that transforms a simple welding seam into a masterpiece. This pure way of working ensures that the finest details are created, resulting in each of our products being finished to perfection. This pure way of working ensures that the finest details are created so that each of our products is finished to perfection.

The welding of our steel frames is a craftmanship process. During the production of our steel frames, every detail is key, and welding the profile parts forms an important basis in the entire manufacturing process.

  1. Connecting profile parts

The process begins with carefully positioning the steel profile parts. Craftsmanship is evident here, as the art of precisely placing the parts lays the foundation for a strong and aesthetically appealing construction. With utmost precision, small welding points are applied to the joints, securely bonding the profile parts together.

  1. Applying the weld

After attaching the profile parts, the actual welding process follows. With a steady hand and a sense of the material, carefully even welds are laid. The Steel Master guides through the melting process, where the heat fuses the metals into a seam that not only ensures structural integrity and a strong construction but is also visually appealing.

  1. Grinding, polishing and finishing

After laying the weld, excess welding materials are removed through grinding. Subsequently, with attentive polishing, the surface is refined in stages from coarse to fine to ultra-fine. This step-by-step process not only provides a sleek appearance but also ensures that the weld seam blends seamlessly into the rest of the facade. And when the facade is powder-coated, it results in a beautifully sleek finish.

The final stage involves finishing the steel frames with utmost care. Every weld seam is inspected for perfection, and any irregularities are adjusted by hand. The result is not only a steel facade of unparalleled quality, but also a true piece of art reflecting craftsmanship and dedication to detail.

A world of possibilities

Manual welding opens the door to infinite design possibility. Each weld seam is unique, and the ability to work with precision and feel allows for adding various textures and aesthetic elements. From smooth, modern lines to more organic shapes, manual welding provides the flexibility to meet every design request.

MHB Steelmaster welder

Craftmanship in tolerance

One of the most remarkable aspects of manual welding is the level of tolerance our Steel Masters can achieve. Our Steel Masters achieve an unprecedented tolerance of 1 mm, meaning each weld seam is placed with absolute precision. This craftsmanship goes beyond simply connecting two pieces of metal; it is an art form where the welder ‘feels’ the material and perfects the weld with unparalleled accuracy.

Flexibility and creativity

During welding, there is room for creativity and improvisation. Our Steel Masters can adapt to the complexity of the design and overcome unforeseen challenges. Making on-the-spot decisions and skillfully overcoming obstacles are what make manual welding so special.

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Petrus Papilaja Welder

Peter is the a Master of Steel at MHB. With his enthusiasm for the craft, he meticulously welds the most elegant and slender steel windows and doors in the world.


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