Dutch masters of steel since 1667
Dutch Masters of Steel since 1667


Unique steel structures by co-creation

Co-creation with MHB

As an architect, engineer or constructor, building iconic structures in co-creation with MHB offers you a unique, long-term partnership. Building on hundreds of years of steel mastery, we think along with your ideas, working with you from start to finish. For high-end architecture projects across the world we co-think, co-design & co-engineer any steel facade you desire.

MHB technical drawing co-creation
MHB project picture of the Volkeraksluizen in Willemstad
MHB project overiew of het Schip in Amsterdam
MHB Freeform facade concept in 3d visual tekening

Your designs can be any way you want them to be. All our profile systems can be customized to meet your needs, going far beyond standard steel products on the market. MHB offers you unrivaled design freedom while making sure your facades are exceptionally durable and meet the highest performance standards.


Solid Steel =  Maximum Freedom


At MHB, we specialize in producing thermally broken solid steel profiles that give architects and engineers the ultimate freedom in facade design. Using steel in it’s pure form our profiles are strong, slim, sharp edged and easy to weld, bend, saw, and more. They are exceptionally versatile and allow for highly customized designs. Excellent thermal insulation values and the best surface treatment make any desired profile system last more than a lifetime.


Our certified SL30-ISO® steel profile is one of our most valuable innovations and is the ideal building block of your facades. This system uses all the fine qualities of steel and has proven to create slim, strong, and durable profiles.


Three MHB profiles showing different detailing

How we co-create

We are Dutch masters of steel since 1667, having passed on the age-old craft of steel for generations. We use all these centuries of experience, combined with our drive for innovation, to contribute to your projects. We are proactive, pragmatic, and have a can-do attitude.

Co-creation team working on a profile system with a welder

At MHB, we offer an all-in-one solution to your architectural innovations, to guide your project from start to finish. Our co-creation method allows for swift communication and rapid manufacturing of any desired steel profiles. Our in-house certified testing facilities ensure that all our products meet the highest international performance standards.


Founded in and still operating from the Dutch village of Herveld, we collaborate with carefully selected local partners worldwide, allowing for international co-creation. Our partners will help you get started and make sure that your project complies with any local regulations and challenges. They are ready to help you get the best out of our solid steel profiles, knowing what it takes to achieve the highest level of quality.


3D rendering of a concept possible with MHB profile systems

How co-creating with MHB works

To us, co-creation means working together at all levels of your project. Together, we make an inventory of your wishes, perform necessary calculations, propose designs, engineer them and test, build  and maintain your projects.


With over 350 years of experience, we are a reliable partner in the development of today’s high performing building envelopes. Do you want to share your project ideas with us? Our in-house steel masters are looking forward to being involved right from the start.


Let’s co-create and bring more light into the world.