Dutch masters of steel since 1667
Dutch Masters of Steel since 1667

Permission to use visual material

MHB b.v. uses visual material (photos and videos) for various purposes. Recordings are made during various occasions such as tours, openings & travels. This footage is always handled with care. In principle, MHB b.v. will not release footage that could objectively cause unnecessary damage.

Why this permission statement
The European privacy legislation (the General Data Protection Regulation or AVG) requires us to ask your permission for the use of photographs and visual material. In this way WUR wants to avoid misunderstandings about whether the visual material may actually be used. The requested permission applies to visual material created by or on behalf of MHB b.v. itself and to photos submitted by you. This statement supplements the program.

Visual material is used to spread information about activities and developments of MHB b.v.

You give permission to use the images:

  • On the public website of MHB b.v. & her sales partners.
  • On social media accounts of MHB b.v. & her sales partners.
  • In paper publications of MHB b.v. & her sales partners.

By participating in the MHB inspiration tour, you consent to the use of visual material on the website and other public relations material. You may of course withdraw your given consent at any time.


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