Dutch masters of steel since 1667
Dutch Masters of Steel since 1667
Smoke protection doors in the dentist department of the Radboud University, Nijmegen, the Netherlands
Glazed screens at the forensic department in Elst, the Netherlands
A stylish glass door in the JIP office, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Steel glass partitions by MHB in RDM werf, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Fire rated doors

Fire doors save lives

Fire doors are a crucial part of any public, commercial or multi- occupancy buildings protection strategy. They resist fire and smoke, protect escape routes and essentially saves lives. Each fire door comprises of a number of elements including door leaf, frame, seals and essential hardware such as hinges, latches and door closers. The way the door is installed and maintained are equally important and all of these elements need to work together to ensure that the fire door will work as required.


MHB’s doors are the most exclusive, aesthetically pleasing doors for your project. They are handcrafted in our in-house facilities from start to finish. We strive for aesthetic perfection and the highest safety of our products. To ensure that your doors are impeccable, we carefully monitor our production practices from start to finish. This system has solutions for customer- specific requirements such as fire and smoke resistance. For these last specifications, the SL30® profile system also is combined with the silent fire and smoke protection MBS-R system.

Steel glass windows in an office building in Bredestraat, Maastricht, the Netherlands

Fire Resistance EU

The SL30® profile system has also been tested and certified in accordance with EN 1634-1 for doors and EN 1364-1 for glazed screens.
EW 30 and 60 minutes conform:
NEN 6069 EN 1634-1.
Classification in accordance with:
NEN-EN 13501-2.
Single and dubble leaf doors:
EW 30, EI230, EW60, EW90 and EW120.
Glazed screens:
EW30, EI30, EW60, EI60, EW90 en EW120.

Fire Resistance UK

The SL30® profile system has been extensively fire tested to BS476: Part22:1987. The fire tests have demonstrated that the SL30® glazed door assemblies and glazed screens satisfy the fire resistance criteria as follows:

• Integrity: 30 minutes and 60 minutes, as appropriate,
• Insulation: 30 minutes, depending on the fire resisting glass type installed (partially insulated door assemblies) and 30 or 60 minutes for glazed screens, as appropriate.


Interior glass walls at the Radboud University of dentist in Nijmegen, the Netherlands
Steel glazed doors in the Gusto MSC, schiedam, the Netherlands

Smoke Resistance UK

Door assemblies constructed using the SL30® profile system have been tested for smoke resistance to BS476: Part 31.1 and satisfied the test criteria for 30 minutes and 60 minutes, as appropriate. Therefore the steel smoke resistant door assemblies can be classified, either as FD30S or FD60S.

Smoke Resistance EU

Apart from the smoke resistance test according to the British Standard, the SL30® profile system has also been extensively tested and certified in accordance with EN 1634-3. Classification in accordance with NEN-EN 13501-2: Sa (smoke at ambient temperature) and S200 (smoke at 200 degrees Celsius)

Glazed screens at the forensic department in Elst, the Netherlands

Maximum dimensions:

If a fixed glazed screen or door construction in the SL30® profile system is designed to be fire and/ or smoke resistant, conditions apply for maximum dimensions. This has to do with the dimensions of the successfully achieved test results.

The profile system consists of solid sharp-edged steel profiles with variable depths and designs and offers a suitable solution for every fire and smoke protection situation. For fire resistance requirement EI, the T-shaped steel profile has a depth of 80 mm and a fire resistant insulator. For fire resistance EW, the profile has a depth of 60 mm.

Several innovations have been applied in the SL30® profile system to realise the functional requirements such as strength, fire resistance and glass closure in such a slim profile.

Smoke and fire resistant with MBS-R®

For the purpose of fire and smoke protection in combination with user-friendliness, MHB is equipping the SL30® profile system with its own developed and patented silent MBS-R® locking system.  The doors function in daily use without locking points. The advantages of this are a silent locking system, minimal wear and tear and a light and comfortable operation of the door. This system has been tested in combination with doors from the ultra slim SL30® profile system.

Click to see how the MBS-R® system works.



Dutch Masters of Steel since 1667

Dutch Masters of Steel since 1667

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