Dutch masters of steel since 1667
Dutch Masters of Steel since 1667

Glazed screens

The narrowest fire and smoke resistant steel profile system in the world.

Internal glazed screens are defined as a wall/ partition construction, with or without glass, designed to prevent fire penetration and to carry only its own weight. At EI the temperature is tested, whereby the surface may warm up to
180 °C locally. Constructions that meet this criterion prevent materials that lie on the unheated side of the partition wall (e.g. bookcase, painting or curtains) from spontaneously igniting within the fire resistance period.



The profile system consists of solid sharp-edged steel profiles with variable depths and designs and offers a suitable solution for every fire and smoke protection situation. For fire resistance requirement EI, the T-shaped steel profile has a depth of 80 mm and a fire resistant insulator. For fire resistance EW, the profile is uninsulated and 60 mm deep.
Several innovations have been applied in the SL30® to realise the functional requirements such as strength, fire resistance and glass closure in such a slim profile.

Fire Resistance UK

The MHB SL30® -system has been extensively fire tested to BS476: Part22:1987. The fire tests have demonstrated that the SL30® glazed door assemblies and glazed screens satisfy the fire resistance criteria as follows:
• Integrity: 30 minutes and 60 minutes, as appropriate,
• Insulation: 30 minutes, depending on the fire resisting glass type installed (partially insulated door assemblies) and 30 or 60 minutes for glazed screens, as appropriate.

Fire resistance EU

MHB fire-resistant SL30®-EI doors are tested and certified in accordance with European regulations EN 1634-1 for doors and EN1364-1 for glazed screens.
Classification in accordance with NEN-EN 13501-2. Single and double leaf doors:
EW30, EI2 30, EW60, EW90 en EW120.

Glazed screens: EW30, EI30, EW60, EI60, EW90 and EW120


Dutch Masters of Steel

since 1667