Dutch masters of steel since 1667
Dutch Masters of Steel since 1667

Fire and smoke resistant MBS-R® system

Buildings need to be fire safe in order to prevent fires from starting and spreading. One important focus in this regard is smoke. Generally, smoke spreads more quickly than fire and is the primary cause of death from fires.


Smoke resistance is derived from the smoke leakage rate. Smoke leakage criteria are identified as Sa (ambient temperature) and S200 (smoke at 200°C) according to European Standard 1634-3.


MHB have been specialists in the field of fire safety for many years and have created the innovative MBS-R® system. This is a user-friendly locking system for doors, which functions in daily use without a locking point. Its operation is silent and durable. The system is easy to use.


See how the system works:

The system contains a built-in receiver, which closes and latches the door whenever smoke or fire is detected, creating a tight fit to provide proper smoke sealing. The special MBS-R door handle also ensures that the door can always be opened manually and that the door automatically closes and latches when someone wants to pass through.



Dutch Masters of Steel since 1667