Dutch masters of steel since 1667
Dutch Masters of Steel since 1667
The interior visible through MHB folding doors of a residence in Amsterdam, the Netherlands long
Huge MHB steel folding doors in Zijdebalen, utrecht
Huge MHB steel folding doors in Zijdebalen, utrecht a sideview
Looking outside in Rotterdam, The netherlands through open MHB folding door
Looking outside at a castle Nyon, Geneva through open MHB folding door
Partial MHB folding door with UV glass at the restaurant cheval blanc Geneva, Switzerland

Ultra-slim steel folding doors

Integrate your indoors with the outdoors. With a minimum sightline of only 42 mm, MHB steel folding doors extend your home or office to the outdoors. They combine the strength and outstanding insulation properties of the SL30-ISO® thermally broken steel profile system. They guarantee comfort and an abundance of natural light inside.


3d render MHB Steel folding door completely closed

Maximum useability

You decide how your folding door opens. Do you want it to open toward one side, both sides, or asymmetrically? We have folding doors for all kinds of spaces, small and large. All our steel folding door systems include a standard entry for quick and easy access without interrupting the folding door design.

High quality components

Our steel folding doors include stainless-steel floor and ceiling rails that allow you to slide them open smoothly, no matter the size. The upper rail carries the weight of the panels, and the bottom rail ensures perfect alignment of the panels. The secure locking system keeps out dust, rain, and cold.

3d render MHB Steel folding door three quarters closed
Construction site with large MHB folding doors at zijdebalenstraat Utrecht, the Netherlands

Immense dimensions

The innovative SL30-ISO® profile system and the power of steel allow us to craft exceptionally large folding doors. The dimensions of any standard panel can be up to 1 by 3 meters. All of MHB’s glass finishes are available for our folding doors, offering you genuinely unique panel combinations.

3d render MHB Steel folding door completely opened



Create the perfect harmony between indoors and outdoors