Dutch masters of steel since 1667
Dutch Masters of Steel since 1667

Handcrafted doors

MHB’s doors are the most exclusive, aesthetically pleasing doors for your project. They are handcrafted in our in-house facilities from start to finish. Their robust, sharp-edged steel frames are uniquely durable and ultra-slim with a 50 mm profile. We strive for aesthetic perfection and the highest safety of our products. To ensure that your doors are impeccable, we carefully monitor our production practices from start to finish.


Last a lifetime

All our doors are weatherproofed up to Class 6A – 600 Pa following the NEN-EN 12208 standard. The thermal isolation of MHB doors is unprecedented thanks to the isolation system in our SL30-ISO® profiles. We add micro-engineered, fully double rubber seals to all our doors. Combined with the use of a special wet seal for glazing, this lets you enjoy maximum comfort with minimum upkeep. Our doors are completed with a Qualisteelcoat surface treatment to make them last more than a lifetime.

The extensive choice of door dimensions, configurations, and finishes with our exclusive MHB Hardware line offers you exquisite, one-of-a-kind doors that satisfy any need. Thanks to our unique SL30-ISO® solid steel profile system, our doors are available in immense standard dimensions of up to 3.2 by 1.3 meters. If you wish to have even larger doors, we can design and test them for your specific project. We guarantee swift on-site installation because we only accept size deviations up to 0.5 mm.


Our doors are available with five locking configurations: lock case doors, floating lock case doors, French doors, lock mullion doors, and partial lock mullion doors.

MHB Floating lock case doors

MHB’s floating lock case doors combine maximum security with remarkable aesthetic beauty. Ultra-slim 30 mm sightlines and beautifully concealed lock cases ensure an abundance of natural light inside. Our extraordinary floating lock case door finds its origins in a centuries-old design of a Swiss master blacksmith. Its elegance results from the combination of lock case placement and our ultra-slim SL30-ISO® profile. Its unique construction requires our expert craftsmen to cut the glass using advanced laser cutting techniques and to place it around the lock case carefully.

MHB Lock case doors

MHB’s lock case doors allow you to make a modernist architectural statement. These iconic, robust doors combine the strength of our steel with our renowned ultra-slim SL30-ISO® profiles. This wonderfully expressive door type is handcrafted by our craftsmen to guarantee the highest quality and attention to detail.

MHB Partial lock mullion doors

Are you looking for a hybrid door? MHB’s partial lock mullion door is the ideal hybrid solution for your project. Inspired by our full range of door designs, we brought all their strengths into one door. The partial lock mullion door can be tailormade based on your demands and lets you experience exceptional freedom while being guaranteed our renowned ultra-slim sightlines, excellent insulation, and optimal security.

MHB French doors

If you desire quick and easy access to your indoor and outdoor living spaces, MHB’s French doors are the ultra-slim solution. Our exclusive MHB WML locking system guarantees secure locking. This multipoint locking system has been engineered to fit the ultra-slim profiles of our French doors. The excellent insulating properties of our ultra-slim French doors maximize your comfort and your view.

MHB Lock mullion doors

MHB’s lock mullion door combines our distinctive ultra-slim design and a multipoint locking system. Our craftsmen were challenged to engineer a door with an aesthetic design and a high-tech multipoint locking system for maximum comfort and security. These doors are also suitable for panic locks.  Their SL30-ISO® profiles make them fully weatherproof.

Dutch masters of steel

since 1667