Dutch masters of steel since 1667
Dutch Masters of Steel since 1667
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MHB Steel sliding doors

The MHB sliding door is the culmination of hundreds of years of craftmanship infused with an unrivaled passion for steel and innovation. As a result, MHB creates handcrafted solid steel sliding doors with minimal 30 mm / 1 3⁄16” profiles, which guarantee an un-obstructed vista. By using only high-quality elements, an exceptional user experience is created with minimal upkeep required.

It is possible to create a unique harmony within your project by implementing identical detailing for all your MHB configurations. Due to this you can design a one of a kind sliding door with custom true divided or simulated divided glass partitioning. As the perfect finishing touch, you can apply any qualisteelcoat high-quality RAL colour. Or you can even use high-quality elements including actual precious metals, such as bronze, for a truly unique and durable surface treatment.

Steel sliding door performance


Performance values MHB steel sliding door



Unique aesthetics

Integrate additional horizontal or vertical muntins in the sliding door to create one harmonious look for your façade and with other MHB products in your project. Whenever the sidelight multi-leaf sliding door is opened, the leafs will line up perfectly, creating an almost invisible sightline.

Standalone steel sliding door frontviews
Standalone steel sliding door fully openeds


Pure vista

MHB’s solid steel profile systems enable ultra-slim profiles (30 mm / 1 3⁄16”) without the need for structural strengthening or increased profile depth. Even when using large dimensions of up to 3.6m / 12’ (larger dimensions are available upon request). Immense glass surfaces will ensure that any project will be basking in natural light.


Possible configurations sliding door

Create a superior sliding door

We use only the best materials in combination with our thermally broken solid steel profile, such as STST hardened rails and wheels. Ensuring outstanding aesthetics and an excellent haptic experience for users. As we are the exclusive developer and manufacturer of all our profile systems, we pride ourselves on the unique ability to improve and adapt our products based on your wishes. Should you have any project-based wishes please let us know and we will co-create the optimal solution with you.


Inside view villa with MHB steel sliding doorss

Dutch Masters of Steel since 1667

MHB has been the definitive Dutch Masters of Steel since 1667, passing on the skills of steel mastery from father to son for generations. We take great pride in our personal service and committed professionals who deliver aesthetically superior, high-quality products to our clients. If you are interested in any of our products or services at MHB or would like to know more about our steel sliding doors, steel facades, and sliding doors please contact us today for more information.


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Dutch Masters of Steel since 1667

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