Dutch masters of steel since 1667
Dutch Masters of Steel since 1667

Handcrafted, ultra-slim windows

MHB’s windows are the most exclusive, aesthetically pleasing windows for your project. They are handcrafted in our in-house facilities from start to finish. Their robust, sharp-edged steel frames are uniquely durable and ultra-slim with a 50 mm profile. We strive for aesthetic perfection and the highest safety of our products. To ensure that your windows are impeccable, we carefully monitor our production practices from start to finish.

Highest technical standards

All our windows are weatherproofed up to Class 6A – 600 Pa following the NEN-EN 12208 standard. The thermal isolation of MHB windows is unprecedented thanks to the isolation system in our solid steel profile systems. We add micro-engineered, fully double rubber seals to all our windows. Combined with the use of a special wet seal for glazing, this lets you enjoy maximum comfort with minimum upkeep. Our windows are completed with a QUALISTEELCOAT surface treatment to make them last more than a lifetime.

Immense dimensions

The extensive choice of window dimensions, configurations, and finishes with our exclusive hardware line offers you exquisite, one-of-a-kind windows that satisfy any need. Thanks to our unique massive steel profile systems, our windows are available in immense standard dimensions of up to 2.4 by 1.2 meters. If you wish to have even larger windows, we can design and test them for your specific project. We guarantee swift on-site installation because we only accept size deviations up to 0.5 mm.

MHB Awning windows

MHB’s awning windows offer a sophisticated finishing touch to your immaculate facade. They perfectly fit above beautiful doorways, large glazed surfaces, or any other hard to reach places. Depending on your preferences, you can open our awning windows using one of MHB’s window handles or remote control for quick ventilation.


MHB Awning window


Our awning windows are available in immense standard dimensions of up to 2.4 by 1.2 meters. Larger windows can be custom made for your specific project due to the power of our massive steel, innovative profile systems. All awning windows come equipped with our exclusive MHB WML locking system, a multipoint locking system that has been engineered to fit our ultra-slim steel profiles. The excellent insulating properties of our awning windows maximize your comfort.

MHB Tilt and turn windows

MHB’s tilt and turn window is the perfect minimalistic and multi-functional solution for your project. It can be fully opened, safely locked when opened and has a sightline of only 50 mm. Our tilt and turn windows are airtight up to class 4 and waterproof at 600 Pa conform the NEN-EN 12208 standard.


MHB windows



We offer two distinct designs of the tilt and turn window, both without the need for a water drip profile. The glass stop design allows you to select your glass stop to create a perfect multi-functional and uniform facade. The ultra-minimalistic, structurally glued window has an even slimmer design and is an incredibly modern design statement. Both models are available in enormous standard dimensions of up to 2.4 by 1.2 meters. We can design and test even larger windows for your specific project due to the power of our innovative massive steel profile systems.

MHB Pivot windows

MHB’s pivot windows & doors have uniquely slim 50 mm sightlines, resulting in aesthetically pleasing products. Our pivot system lets you choose your pivot hinge placement, allowing you to create an exceptionally wide panoramic door or window with a fully customized configuration.


MHB pivot windows


MHB’s pivot windows and doors can be created in highly unusual shapes and can be square, rectangular, round, or oval. All shapes and tilting directions are made possible by our unique steel profiles.


Dutch masters of steel

since 1667