Dutch masters of steel since 1667
Dutch Masters of Steel since 1667

Amvest Cruquiuskade

About this project

Rietveld Architects was commissioned to design the head office for Amvest. In order to make optimal use of the location, Rietveld Architects designed a series of glass and white glazed brick constructions that offer a beautiful view of the water and the city. Inventive thinking characterizes a large part of the interior architecture of the office building. To improve business communication, all offices are located on the same floor, while the meeting rooms are located on the mezzanine floor for easy access for the public. The office building, which will eventually be a green environment, is equipped with a few structural "trees", the trunks and branches of which serve as columns to support the roof. Meanwhile, the lower floors at the top of the building hang, a technical feat reflected in the walls of the staircase, which resembles a canopy. MHB has made a flexible connection for the fire-resistant SL30 glazed screens in the stairwell. A challenge, but with specially designed connections succeeded and become very beautiful. Another special feature is that the profiles exactly match the zigzag line of the steps. SL30 glazed screens provide even more transparency.

Rietveld Architects, New York


Amsterdam, Cruquiuskade


Studio de Nooyer

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Glazed steel windows indoors
A building with glass walls
A building with glass walls indoors
A building with glass walls indoors