Dutch masters of steel since 1667
Dutch Masters of Steel since 1667

Fontys Sporthogeschool

About this project

The transparant sports hall forms the heart of the school, its sawtooth roof admitting daylight deep into the building. The layout of the school facilitates maximum interaction between sports and education. Voids glass and openings allows views of the sports throughout the school. The fire-resistant MHB SL30 system, specially tested for fall protection for this project, is mounted in this atrium.

Mecanoo Architecten bv, Delft




Mertens Bouwgroep BV, Weert

Used systems:


Steel glazed indoor walls in the Fontys sport high school, eindhoven, the netherlands
Steel glazed indoor doors in the Fontys Sport high school, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Steel glazed windows in the Fontys Sport high school in Eindhoven, the Netherlands