Dutch masters of steel since 1667
Dutch Masters of Steel since 1667

Hotel Dux

About this project

In the course of time, the Roerkade has become Roermond's leading hospitality promenade. One by one, the less appreciated and rickety buildings disappear. Whatever comes in return has to meet high standards of urban beauty. After all, as a historical part of the city, the Roerkade is a defining image. Our client planned to build a hotel on the corner of an alley and the quay with a heavy programme. In the end, 27 luxury hotel rooms were realised with a lobby, a restaurant and a car park. The building stands on an important line of sight between the historic bridge over the Roer and the monumental cathedral. The nave of the church had to remain visible from all positions. In addition, the design had to fit into the context of the adjoining buildings.

Engelman Architecten




buro PAM


D-Gate B.V., Herten

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MHB indoor partitions in purple lit Hotel Dux, Roermond, The Netherlands