Dutch masters of steel since 1667
Dutch Masters of Steel since 1667

Nature cemetery

About this project

The design of a ceremonial building is special. It's all about connecting to nature and ensuring privacy. This is reflected in the shape of this ceremony building, a traditional sheepfold with two separate volumes. The transverse wooden volumes make the distinction in functions tangible and symbolize the transition between two worlds. The materials used are often easy to recycle or suitable for reuse. Essential because the building, with a surface area of over 500m², will be removed as soon as the cemetery is full. The construction of the ceremonial building is visible and accessible wherever possible. For example, the steel facade, roof construction and the positioning of the individual volumes determine the architecture. The development of a natural cemetery is based on a number of principles, including the restoration, preservation and strengthening of landscape, cultural-historical and ecological values. Nature burial has a long history. It is still quite unique in the Netherlands, but public interest is growing rapidly. This contemporary way of burial is in line with the trend of making our living environment more sustainable and with the corresponding social responsibility. (source)

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Ceremonial building
Steel windows in cemetery
Natural light
Big steel glazed windows
Big steel glazed windows
Big steel glazed windows
A building with glass walls
A building with glass walls