Dutch masters of steel since 1667
Dutch Masters of Steel since 1667

Nedinsco office building

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The Nedinsco factory is one of the most prominent buildings in Venlo. The redevelopment and restoration of the national monument is the backbone of the Maaswaard Plan, the urban restructuring on the south side of the city center. The complex, made of concrete, steel and glass, is a special example of industrial architecture and is considered part of the New Objectivity movement. The factory was originally a complex for manufacturing periscopes, binoculars and distance meters by Carl Zeiss. In the period 1920-1930 the complex was built according to a design by Hans Schlag in five parts. Diederendirrix renovated the factory and converted it into a multifunctional building with 27 apartments for social rent, offices and radio and television studios of Omroep Venlo and Limburg 1. In total, the building, with a size of almost 10,000 m2 , offers space for approximately 250 workplaces. A bar and restaurant are located at the top of the periscope tower. In the detailing of the outer walls and window frames, the history of the industrial heritage has been carefully respected and restored. In the interior, the original structure has remained visible. The building is an icon for Venlo again with an urban mix of living, working, culture and relaxation. (source)



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