Dutch masters of steel since 1667
Dutch Masters of Steel since 1667

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The Timmerfabriek; a characteristic industrial building, built just after the war (1948) on the former site of the shipyard Wilton Feijenoord in Schiedam. The building has a surface area of 9,500 m2. This former three-storey carpentry workshop is characterised by large open floors around a central atrium, a storey height of at least five meters and large glass surfaces in the facade that provide light and space. By using the (fire resistant) SL30 profile system, with again large glass surfaces, this light is sent further into the building. The four concrete shell roofs form a special accent both inside and outside and give the building an appealing and striking appearance. Authentic details such as the industrial maintenance bridges, the skilfully executed concrete staircases and the skylights in the atrium built from glass bricks also underline the sober yet elegant reconstruction architecture and industrial history of the building. Article about this project can be found here JHK Architecten, Utrecht

JHK Architecten, Utrecht




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