Dutch masters of steel since 1667
Dutch Masters of Steel since 1667

Royal Shell Headquarters

About this project

In conjunction with the ambition of the city of the Hague to be energy neutral in 2030, Shell International has started a large-scale renovation of its monumental main office building “C30” to make it sustainable and transparent. The building will be awarded the LEED gold certification. The building has been a national monument since 1993, which means that it has to be protected and preserved for its cultural-historical value. MHB has been tasked with producing and installing more than 2.300 steel windows and hundreds of interior steel door frames. The building dates from 1917 and was designed by the Van Nieukerken brothers and is inspired by the Renaissance and 17th century Dutch classicism.

Jacobs International


NL, The Hague


Arjen Veldt



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MHB SL30-ISO 2021NL Shell Den Haag
MHB SL30-ISO 2021NL Shell Den Haag (2)
MHB SL30-ISO 2021NL Shell Den Haag (3)
MHB and the C30 shell main office 5
C30 Shell073
C30 Shell076
C30 Shell083
C30 Shell091
C30 Shell093
C30 Shell095