Dutch masters of steel since 1667
Dutch Masters of Steel since 1667

Taula house

About this project

"Taula House" is a single-family residence designed for a multi-generational family in Texas. The name “Taula” is derived from the Sanskrit word meaning “Balance.” Guided by the Hindu architecture principles of Vastu shastra, this modern dwelling expresses a balance between traditional beliefs and contemporary ideologies of design. Symmetry, spatial geometry, and delicate detailing were all paramount to the design success of the project. A minimalist approach to interior finishes focuses attention on the architecture and precise steel detailing of the house. Highlights of the exterior palette make their way into the house with a refined use of weathered steel panels and basalt stone floors and walls. (source)

M Gooden Design


USA, Texas


All Steel Windows & Doors


Parrish RDV

Used systems:


Beautiful house with glass windows
Beautiful house with glass windows
Beautiful house with glass windows and pool
The interior of Taula House in USA with MHB steel windows
The view from inside the Taula house looking through MHB profile systems