Dutch masters of steel since 1667
Dutch Masters of Steel since 1667

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Bespoke double curved windows This national monument from the early 1920s is an icon of the Amsterdam School, designed by architect Michel de Klerk. The building that originally housed 102 houses, a post office and a small school has been partially transformed into a museum (2001) and the renovation of the houses is now almost completed. The original philosophy behind the monumental folk housing complex was to improve the living conditions of the workers. De Klerk designed with a great attention to aesthetics. He resisted tightly ordered structures and introduced freedom and organic forms. Facades and windows have curves, arches and strange angles. After almost a century, the facades were found to have suffered the necessary damage, as a result of which the building and especially the window frames did not meet today's technical requirements. However, due to the special character of the monument, all aspects of the restoration were very carefully examined and planned to preserve this iconic "urban landscape". With new 3D Cloud Point technology, our engineers mapped the double curved window frames to replace the iconic steel windows of, for example, the "cigar" or "buoy" on the corner of “the Ship”. The unusual unique shape of the double curved steel windows required a special design to regain their slenderness, detailing and authentic appearance. Steel strips, essential components of the MHB profile, can be formed in two directions, by bending an arched strip, as opposed to rolled and pressed products. The solid metal strip retains its intrinsic properties, stability and strength. As a result, the production process patented by MHB achieves high accuracy with very small tolerances. The result is frames that make “the Ship” future-proof while retaining its original shape. The steel windows, mounted in wooden stilt frames, have been restored to their original shape with attention to the craft and architecture of the Amsterdam School.

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