Dutch masters of steel since 1667
Dutch Masters of Steel since 1667

Villa Bussum

About this project

"On a generous plot on the edge of a nature reserve in Bussum, a detached villa carefully blends in with the green countryside. The white abstract villa consists of two floors with a basement, almost entirely embedded as a stoned element in hilly ground. The living spaces – such as the living room, dining room, kitchen, playroom and study – are located on the ground floor. The south oriented façade is virtually entirely glazed. Almost-invisible corners enhance the panoramic connection with nature, as large thin-framed sliding doors provide access to the terrace. As a connecting element between ‘inside’ and ‘outside’, a part of the terrace is framed and covered to create an even wider use of the outdoor space and intensify the perception of nature throughout the seasons. The ground floor and the upper floor are connected through the central void. The high steel entrance facade shows delicate sight lines and ensures interaction with the leafy surroundings. To ensure privacy, the front facade is slightly closed and parapets are installed in the bedrooms."

Van Moort & Partners architecten i.s.m
Ontwerpstudio Jan des Bouvrie


NL, Bussum


Robert van Tongeren


C. Mulckhuyse B.V.

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