Dutch masters of steel since 1667
Dutch Masters of Steel since 1667

Zoku hotel

About this project

The work-meets-play hotel concept at Zoku Copenhagen is creatively designed to bring people together. The SL30® profile system integrates perfectly into the design of the building, which brings maximum transparency and light into the interior. Coupled with excellent fire and smoke protection, the system ensures maximum safety & esthetics. At Zoku, MHB combines the highest standards in terms of fire and smoke protection, and outstanding elegance. MHB has equipped the SL30® system with MHB innovative MBS-R fire and smoke safety locking system.

Concrete Amsterdam


DK, Copenhagen

Used systems:


MHBSL30 Zoku Hotel Copenhagen 6
MHBLSL30 Zoku Hotel Copenhagen 5
MHBSL30 Zoku Hotel Copenhagen 2
MHBSL30 Zoku Hotel Copenhagen 3
MHBSL30 Zoku Hotel Copenhagen 1