Dutch masters of steel since 1667
Dutch Masters of Steel since 1667

Finest materials

MHB has been working with steel for more than 350 years. From generation to generation, we have developed our mastery of steel as a durable building material and unlocked the power it entails. MHB works exclusively with the solid form of steel and precious metals to ensure the highest quality and best products. Producing solid steel profile systems, unrivalled in their strength and slenderness is possible thanks to the essence of the material: solid steel. This allows architects to design with real freedom again.


Thermally broken solid steel:

In 2005, MHB unleashed a steel revolution for steel windows and doors. The result was a solid steel system, with ultra-slim sightlines and excellent isolation properties. Solid steel enables architects to design with freedom again. It provides strength, and combines incredible durability with minimal maintenance due to the superior surface treatment, which is available in all colors.



MHB solid steel
MHB Brushed STST

Brushed stainless steel:

Brushed stainless steel receives a special treatment from our Steel Masters. By applying different sanding and polishing techniques, the stainless steel receives an exceptional brushed look. Brushed stainless steel has become increasingly popular in both interior and exterior architectural applications because of its corrosion resistance, appearance and durability.


Colour coated steel

An excellent surface treatment is crucial for a product’s life span. Powder coating is the best surface treatment for preserving steel. Out of all treatments, powder coating provides the thickest protective layer, maximizing the lifespan of our products to 100+ years with minimal required upkeep.

All our steel doors and windows are powder coated at our certified in-house surface treatment facilities, allowing us to supervise strict quality checks for the entire process. We are one of only a few companies worldwide with a Qualisteelcoat C5 certification, the highest possible certification for steel surface treatment. All RAL colours can be applied by MHB as well as unique colouring effects.


Colour coated Stainless steel




Precious metals

MHB offers an exclusive line of pure and solid materials previously only used for super yachts, luxury interiors and museums such as the Louvre Abu Dhabi. These exclusive materials can assist architects in achieving an aesthetically superior appearance and provide the designer with a wide array of options. Using the strength of solid steel in combination with actual metals such as bronze, an exceptional and extremely durable facade can be created. Due to the extensive craftsmanship applied on each exotic metal, every window, door & facade will develop a unique look.



The Romans were the first to use bronze in cladding of doors. Bronze is made from natural materials which patinate and darken over time. This is a natural process, giving each frame a unique character. MHB’s Bronze combines stability and longevity with an aesthetic first-class appeal which improves with time giving a feeling of luxury and prestige to a building.



MHB Dark Bronze


Tin, one of the earliest metals discovered, was initially used to make bronze. From about the year 600, tin was also used in its pure form. Tin is a metal that is silver-grey in color. Over the years, tin takes on a unique dark gray tone which gives a building a timeless charm.





Manganese has been used since prehistoric times, it is a silvery-gray metal that resembles iron. It is a unique metal that is virtually impossible to replace by other metals. MHB’s Manganese has a uniform shade for an intense color experience combined with a very light undertone which gives an authentic look to a building.



MHB Manganese
MHB Brass


Striking a balance between the cool hue of zinc and the warmth of copper, brass is a highly malleable cladding material that makes it well suited for decorative metal work. Architectural projects using brass start out with a warm, golden tone. Over the years, this mellows out and takes on intense character and depth. Beauty, elegance and durability, these qualities make MHB’s brass an excellent metal for countless architectural needs.