Dutch masters of steel since 1667
Dutch Masters of Steel since 1667

Fall-through protection

Fall-through protection is also calculated and tested according to custom requirements. Tested in accordance to NEN 6702 and NEN-EN 1990.

Glass walls that are fall through resistant are used for applications where large groups of people may come into contact with glass walls. The walls that are fall through resistant have a high pressure resistance. Escape routes and, for example, a glass wall in a concert hall or as MHB placed in the atrium of the Fontys Sports College. This atrium is the sports hall where ball games are also played and people can collide with the walls at full speed during the game. Special tests have been carried out here and MHB passed them succesfully with the SL30 glazed screens and doors.


Steel glazed indoor windows in the school

Safety glazing

MHB internal glazed screens give a building a modern and light appearance. But these glazed screens and doors with lots of glass also have a disadvantage: the risk of falling through.
MHB fits certainly safety glass when needed.

Laminated glass that remains together through PVB film. The glass is so strong that a person cannot fall through it.
Toughened glass, which falls apart into thousands of pieces, has a safe break pattern and therefore the risk of cuts is much less. This glass is called injury-reducing glass, because one can not 100% guarantee that one does not injure oneself.



                                                                                                        Dutch Masters of Steel since 1667